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M-TRIBES powers ride-hailing services, as well as app-based vehicle sharing and delivery businesses all over the world.


Share your MINI with people you know.

Private car sharing

Together with BMW Group, M-TRIBES designed and implemented a private carsharing service, marketed as a standard accessory for new MINI models. An iPhone and Android app allows MINI owners to share their car with up to 10 friends, family members and colleagues. Seamless integration of a bluetooth module built into the car makes the handover of physical keys unnecessary.

After incubating MINI Sharing with a creative community of early adopters in Madrid, the service is expanding to new markets and is continuously updated with even more features.


Shipping made simple and convenient.

VanOnGo - M-TRIBES customer

Bulky goods deliveries

VanOnGo is the Uber for goods. Our intuitive smartphone application allows users to easily book a truck and helper. The dedicated web app helps businesses save time when sending goods regularly and provide a premium experience for their customers.

To manage supply, we launched driver apps for iOS and Android and manage payouts of the companies marketplace.


Electric scooters are coming to town.

EWE Go - M-TRIBES customer

Electric scooter sharing

M-TRIBES created dashboards and apps for E-Sharing – the free floating mobility service kickstarted by energy provider EWE in the city of Oldenburg. The customer apps enables users to locate, reserve and book scooters at an attractive price. (0,24€ per minute and up to 27 € per day). 

To deliver an emission-free product, we integrated NIU electric scooters into the M-TOOLS technology platform.


The independent nation-wide taxi marketplace.

Taxi1.io - M-TRIBES customer


Taxi providers all over the world are under pressure by competing ride-hailing services such as Uber & Didi. When FreeNow introduced its Ride product, taxi drivers all over Germany gathered to create an independent service respecting the prevailing taxi regulations.

M-TRIBES helped kickstart this fast-growing marketplace with customer and driver apps, dashboards as well as digital driver and partner onboarding and growth support.


Business class rides from hotspot to hotspot.

CityLoop - M-TRIBES customer

Premium ride-sharing

CityLoop is an innovative black car service designed for business travellers. Smartphone and web apps powered by the M-TOOLS technology platform allow users to book seats in first-class limousines.

Pioneered between SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf and Frankfurt airport, the premium ride-sharing service is expanding its network of medium-distance transfers in Germany and neighbouring countries.


Revolutionary door-to-door transportation.

Skyryse helicopter hailing - M-TRIBES customer

Ride- & Flight-hailing

Utilising our ride-hailing technology, Skyryse launched a seamless “Door-to-Sky-to-Door“ transportation service that allows Silicon Valley residents to reduce commute time by 70%.

Customers are picked up via a limousine service from their selected location and transferred to the next helipad, where a Skyryse helicopter (for now they come with pilots) takes them to a helipad close to the final destination. Here, a second limousine awaits to complete the journey.


The urban on-demand furniture taxi.

Movinga on-demand deliveryies - M-TRIBES customers

Smart deliveries

Movinga pioneered an innovative urban logistics solution in Berlin, aiming to make item transport as convenient as booking a taxi.

M-TRIBES helped Movinga launch their well-rated customer app at high speed, while also entering the B2B market by equipping business customers, as well as service partners with customised web dashboards.

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