Product Update

July 5, 2021

The product and engineering teams at M-TRIBES keep working on new features and product enhancements. Here's an overview of what's coming next and what’s recently launched.

🌀Rolling out

Features to become available in the next app versions or with the platform update.

🧺 Pickable bookings

When this feature is enabled for a tenant, drivers will see a list of all available instant booking requests in the app. Instead of waiting for a request, they can accept and start the booking right from the list. Contact our support if you'd like to enable the feature for your drivers.

✏️ Custom booking metadata

When creating a booking via API, tenants will be able to add additional booking or stop attributes, such as external reference numbers or links to web pages.

✋ Manual dispatching support for instant bookings

If this feature is enabled for a tenant, all created instant bookings will land in the "On Hold" state. In this state bookings can be edited completely and then released to the Drivers manually afterwards. Contact our support if you'd like to enable the feature for your drivers.

🏚️ Allow drivers to set their preferred way of travel

Drivers can now set their preferred way of travel in the settings (by car, bike or on foot). This will affect the route we start in your preferred navigations app as well as the direction displayed inside of the Driver App.

🗒️ Driver overview page

We've introduced a new driver overview page and added lots of infos about the Driver, his current booking, state, location and much more.

🔜 Coming soon

Features in development.

🛣 One click tour building and route optimization

We'll introduce a new advanced dispatch feature to make it even easier and quicker to create optimized tours. You can multi-select customer bookings, add them to a tour and optimize the route within a few clicks. Will also be available via API.

📈 Timeline tab on the booking details page

We will introduce a new tab on the dashboards booking details page called "Timeline". With this all dashboard users will see the state of a booking and when it did change between its statuses.

🪝 New Webhook for completed ID verifications

We'll add a new Webhook for the event when an ID verification was completed

👨 Allow organization managers to manage multiple Organizations

An admin can assign multiple Organizations to the same org manager. This allows the Organization manager to manage bookings and drivers of all of the assigned Organizations with a single account.

🔎 Advanced filter options for bookings

We'll introduce new filter options for hailing bookings, which will allow API users to filter by new timestamps such as created_at and updated_at and filter by time in addition to date.

🔨 Active booking reassigning

A dispatcher will be able to reassign an active booking to another driver.

🎫 ID checks when completing stops

A driver can be prompted to check the ID of a recipient when completing a specific stop. This feature is aimed at tenants that deliver restricted goods such as alcohol and must comply with local regulations.  

💼 Services in the customer app

We're bringing support for services to the customer app. If a tenant provides multiple services on the platform, a user will be able to choose between them before creating a booking.

👀 In case you missed it

Previously released features.

🛵 Support for Subfleets and User Groups (Available for Sharing only)

We added the ability to add a vehicle to an Organisation and adding Users to that Organisation which allows to show specific vehicles to some User Groups only.

✏️ Driver tour editing

A dispatcher will be able to reschedule a not yet dispatched driver tour, and edit stops that don't belong to any of the customer bookings.

🙋 Driver availability state

A dispatcher will be able to differentiate between drivers who are available and those completing active bookings on the dashboard.

🪝 New webhooks driver.busy and driver.no_longer_busy

We added those two Webhooks so that you can use them as Trigger if a Driver gets busy or available in external tools like Zapier or Integromat.

🛣 Route optimization feature

A dispatcher will be able to optimize a route of a booking or a driver tour in one click. Stops will be rearranged to minimize the time a driver spends on the road.

🏠 Service area management on the dashboard

Tenants will be able to manage their service areas directly on the dashboard without involving customer support and waiting for the production release.

📍 Improved stop visibility controls on the map

Dashboard users will be able to control booking stop visibility on the map. For example, show only drop-off stops of all the bookings on the page, or show all stops but only of the selected booking.

🔔 Configurable scheduled request notifications

The driver app will allow configuring how scheduled requests are displayed: in full screen or as a banner. A driver can also choose a full-screen display only if they aren't on the active trip.

🔨 Force-assigned bookings

Dispatchers will be able to force assign bookings to drivers. A force-assigned scheduled booking will appear in the Upcoming tab of the driver app and a force-assigned instant booking will appear in the Active tab.

📣 New "match with all" option

We're introducing a new configuration option to send instant booking requests to all eligible drivers at once right after a booking creation. Note that matching stays proximity-based and takes capabilities into account. Contact our support if you'd like to enable this feature for your tenant.

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