Product Update

February 8, 2021

The product and engineering teams at M-TRIBES keep working on new features and product enhancements. Here's an overview of what's coming next and what’s recently launched.

🌀 Rolling out

Features to become available in the next app versions or with the platform update.

Manual dispatch

A dispatcher will be able to put newly created bookings on hold and make them visible to drivers only when they're ready to be dispatched. For example, after preferred drivers are selected. Contact our support if you would like to enable this feature.

Driver tours

A dispatcher will be able to split customer bookings into driver tours. This advanced dispatching feature will help with handling more complex logistics operations, for example, when a booking needs to be carried out by different drivers in separated pickup and drop-off tours spread across days. Contact our support if you would like to enable this feature.

🔜 Coming soon

Features in development.

Text notes as proof of completion

A driver will be able to add a text note as proof of a stop completion. A note can be added instead of photos and a signature, or in addition to them.

"Saved places" for dispatchers

When creating a booking, a dispatcher will be able to quickly add a stop from a list of previously saved stops. The feature is coming in February.

👀 In case you missed it

Previously released features.

Price matrix upload via the dashboard

A business manager will be able to upload the new price matrix via the dashboard. The new prices will be published immediately.  

That's not all — we have more features to come that will improve how you and your customers use the M-TOOLS platform every day. To get an overview of features we're currently working on or considering, visit our portal on Productboard. Feel free to submit ideas and upvote the features you like the most!

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